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Rotterdam Brand Photographer with organiser, writer and podcaster Sekai Makoni

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

Woman with gold hoop earrings and white vest on a bridge

It's always a treat when you work with someone you really click with, and this was certainly the case with the effervescent Sekai Makoni. Sekai is a fellow Brit, like me, but has lived in the Netherlands for the last few years. We spent a couple of hours hanging out in Katendrecht on a sunny and blustery Saturday afternoon. Sekai wanted some up to date images to use for speaking engagements, her social profiles and the odd dating site.

Sekai is a multi-talented woman with fingers in many pies. She recently joined creative centre HipHopHuis as culture and knowledge programme leader and is an experienced facilitator hosting discussions on race, gender and climate justice among other issues. She also has a podcast called 'Between Ourselves' which explores issues pertinent to Black women in Europe. And, at the time of writing Sekai is facilitating “Period. – a community based research project for Black people experiencing menstrual difficulties” at Worm.

One of the things I loved after the shoot is that Sekai chose some of the more playful shots, the in-between moments that I think really capture the essence of a person. A prime example was when we both nearly got mown down by a rather aggressive cyclist as we took the final shots and ended up with a striking, if comical image.

I hope you enjoy some of the images from the shoot. If you'd like to discuss getting some up to date and authentic portraits, please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!

And, if you have questions whatsoever about getting some brand photos, you'll probably find the answer in my article, The Ultimate Guide to Personal Branding Photography.

Here's where to find Sekai:

Woman in white vest and jeans sitting against white wall

Woman with glasses, head scarf and brown jacket leans against grey brick wall
Headshot of woman in Rotterdam in white vest on bridge
Woman in white vest with long braids ties headscarf
Woman in floral dress holds hair braids and laughs to camera
Woman in floral dress sits next to lake
Woman in floral dress with gold hoops
Woman in floral dress sits beside lake
Woman in yellow cardigan with long braids leans against rusty wall
Woman in yellow cardigan combs braids in front of rusty wall

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