About me

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I know what you're thinking right now...

At least I’m pretty sure I do. You have finally taken the plunge and decided you need some professional brand photos so you can have more visibility and impact.

BUT, you may be feeling distinctly icky at having to pose in front of a camera despite your LinkedIn photo being five years old.

How do I know this? Because I feel completely the same, and so do 90% of my clients.


Your cheerleader minus the pom poms
Luckily you are in the right place. I am a down to earth lass from the North of England and it is my absolute mission to make women and people from underrepresented groups feel at ease in front of the camera.

Why? Because that way, people doing amazing things in the world get more visibility and have more impact. And great photography can help a lot with that.

Through the experience of working with me you are going to get such a confidence boost (I am going to be your cheerleader, minus the pom poms), and we are going to have fun at every step of the way.


The health benefits of Stevie Wonder
I’ve been through some severe ups and downs in my life, including a long battle with post natal depression that almost killed me and definitely made me stronger. Coming through that has taught me the importance of telling your story so that others going through similar can gain strength.

And, recovering from depression has made me more playful again, with my clients and when no one is watching. I can highly recommend the benefits of belting out Stevie Wonder songs round the living room, and watching salty drag queens on YouTube for a good few hours.

What else to say about me? I worked for many years in the sustainability sector, and stilll run events on using your finances to tackle the climate crisis.


This Brit abroad wants to hear from you
Well done if you’ve read this far. I couldn’t end without mentioning my specifically British passions, which (thanks to Brexit) see me importing large volumes of tea bags (Clipper or Yorkshire Gold if you want to know) in my suitcase, along with cheddar cheese and HP sauce.

Would we get on? I think we might. Click below so we can have a proper chat in the not too distant.

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The time that we were together was so much fun! Sarah made the process feel natural and easy to enjoy. 

I honestly have never been happier seeing pics of myself. I'm usually very wary of professional shots as the traditional staged nature doesn't represent what my business stands for, but Sarah has completely changed my mind on what is possible.

She was able to capture the pure essence of my business and its creative and community core. I highly recommend Sarah and can't wait to work with her again!

Layla Sargent, Founder & CEO, The Seam

Not ready yet? No problem. Subscribe to be in with a chance (every single month) to win a brand visibility call with me worth €295.