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A creative headshot photoshoot in East London

So many people struggle to find photos they are happy with to represent themselves on social media. LinkedIn is probably the main place people want to use their professional headshot online, but often their 'official' photo taken at work doesn't cut the mustard. Maybe you were rushed, or you hate posing, or you were having a bad hairday. And that photo is not how you want the world to see you!

That was the case with Elsa, who was using a holiday photo on LinkedIn which, while lovely, was not quite right for the platform. So, we headed out to the streets of Haggerston to take some pictures. Wearing a bright red dress, Elsa got quite a few approving comments from passersby as I snapped away. We battled ever changing light and high winds to get some shots that show her sense of playfulness and creativity.

Headshot of woman in red dress laughing

One of the things that really helps to get a great headshot is taking your time. The first shots are often a bit stiff - with both the subject and the photographer getting warmed up and finding our groove. So we take a few, change the angle, change the pose, wander off to find a different spot until we find something that's working.

For most of us, posing for photos is a bit cringe-inducing, but it needn't be. I try to make people feel relaxed, give direction so that they look their best, and offer loads of encouragement. I'll tell you when something looks great and give you ideas of other things to try to get a range of expressions and angles.

I can't wait to see which one Elsa chooses for her profile. For now, here are the ones that I really love.

Headshot of a blonde woman in red dress against white brick wall

Corporate headshot of blonde woman in red dress

Modern portrait of a laughing blonde woman in red dress against black wall in the wind

Business headshot of a blonde woman in red dress against striped wall in East London
Photography of Rotterdam woman in red dress laughing against striped wall

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