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My second biggest piece of advice

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Every personal branding photographer will tell you this:

If you really want to grow your business and have more impact, you need to start being visible.

True. But today, I want to go a little “nontraditional” and give you my second best piece of advice.

The power of connection

Your main job is to cultivate CONNECTION when it comes to marketing your work (eurgh, the M word, I said it.)

So what do I mean, and why is this important?

Let’s face it, whatever it is you work on - be that design, coaching, or consulting - the most important thing for your prospective clients ISN’T necessarily your slick website or polished photograph of yourself (though those things definitely help).

The decision to work with someone is more often based on them feeling - "this person gets me!”

Be it a mid-work dance break or wading into the North Sea - these are totally appropriate things to share if they mean something to you (and these are actual things my clients have done on a shoot).

You do you!

Sharing your passions, quirks and vulnerabilities will make all the difference in building an audience that believes in what you have to offer, and wants to work with you.

Okay. That’s my second biggest tip for building your visibility and brand.

I hope it helps convince you that the real you, however messy you feel, is what your people love to see.

If you're ready to start connecting with your people, why don't you drop me a line for a free and totally non-salesly consultation call?

Not quite ready? Why not download my free guide: 13 game-changing ways to use brand photography to grow your business. Here's the link you need.

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