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I know what’s putting you off.

Photo by Emma Fletcher

It’s not that you don’t want confident and natural photographs.

It’s something else.

I spend a lot of time talking to creative business owners and freelancers like you.

I’m also very similar to the people I choose to work with.

We’re all a bit scared of being judged when it comes to promoting our work and being more visible.

We don't feel ready or 'enough' even though we truly want our work to have more impact.

And, even though I deal with this barrier myself, let me tell you why you can’t let it stop you…

1. You're never going to feel ready. You'll get to a stage of confidence by starting before you feel ready. By toning the muscle. That means pressing publish before it feels perfect.

2. We need more people from diverse backgrounds being visible and being heard. That includes people like you.

3. People are going to judge you, no matter what. And that is totally fine. What isn't fine is letting that fear keep you silent.

So, how about sticking two fingers up at what’s putting you off and getting in touch with me instead?

Or, if you'd like to dip your toe in the water before committing to a full shoot, why not check out my Rotterdam March mini sessions?

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