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Photography for everybody

I'm introducing something new. Pay what you can afford photography for people who need professional images but can't afford my standard prices. I'm calling it Photography for Everyone.

The picture above is of Amy and Pamela who were some of the first people I photographed when I was starting out. They were doing something really cool - helping more diverse people get into the creative sector - and I needed to build my porfolio. We created some great images, had a solid afternoon trekking around East London and had a laugh in the process.

I wouldn't have got to work with them otherwise, and I love the work we made together.

So, I'm starting Photography for Everone because I genuinely want to work with a wide range of people. My genre of photography errs towards white, cisgender women, in their 30s and 40s, in the creative sectors. Nothing wrong with that. BUT. It's not the real world. People with many different identities want and need professional photography, and I want my work to reflect the real world and real people.

So, every few months I'll be offering a pay what you can afford shoot to people who apply and meet certain criteria.

It's a bit of an experiment and I'm not sure what'll come from it, but I'm excited to try.

Interested in applying?

If you work is related to making a positive difference to the people or the planet, AND you meet any of the following criteria, I’d love to hear from you:

  • Single parents on a low income

  • People on parental leave with no other source of income (e.g. from a partner)

  • Black people and people of colour

  • LGBTQIA+ folk

  • People from a migrant or refugee background

  • People with a disability (visible or hidden)

  • Neurodivergent people

This is list is not exhaustive - so if I’ve missed something, please don’t let this put you off applying! And let me know if I've got anything wrong - this is a learning experience for me!

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