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Professional headshots in Hackney

I recently had the pleasure of photographing James prior to the launch of his new architecture practice. He was looking for a classic headshot with muted colours to suit the palette of his website, as well as a decent profile photo for LinkedIn. Very few people seem happy with their existing headshots for use on social media and, try as we might, the iPhone selfie doesn't always cut the mustard.

After debating such key topics as whether or not to wear glasses, whether he needed to iron his shirt (yes, he did), and the backdrops to try out, we got to work. The benefits of shooting right next to my flat was that I was able to rope in my boyfriend for shirt ironing duties and keeping our guest watered during the shoot...!

We were pretty happy with the results. We chatted throughout to get some relaxed, natural portraits and tried a few different spots to see what worked best. I love taking headshots and seeing people's eyes light up when they see how good they can look with a bit of time and professional photography. However, there's lots you can do on your own now to start taking better shots, as I explained in a previous blog post.

Good luck to James with the new business and I look forward to seeing the site once it goes live!

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