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Rotterdam personal branding photography with Jonna Adams

This time on the blog I am sharing images from a personal brand photoshoot with Swedish visual designer Jonna Adams. Jonna and I work at the same co-working space – Het Rotterdam Collectief – and put the office through its paces in this really fun and creative shoot.

Jonna was looking for a set of images that she could use professionally. Before we worked together she had two Instagram accounts. One for work where she shared her designs but nothing personal, not even a photo. And another personal account where she documents the ever-growing crochet scarf that she started making while recovering from burnout. Jonna is a singular person – it's not often you meet someone going for the world record in crochet scarf length!

In the planning stages Jonna and I discussed in depth which aspects of her personal brand she wanted to get across in her photos. I am always fascinated to hear what makes people tick, and in Jonna's case she gets her inspiration watching trains and boats. So we spent some time teetering on the edge of the railway with some very flimsy fencing protecting us from oncoming trains.

As Jonna works she draws, reads, crochets, dances and drinks coffee (of course!) and so we captured that in the photos. There is a lot more to brand photography than the ever so familiar laptop shots, certainly in Jonna's case.

One of the joys of the type of photography I do is telling a part of people's personal story. Jonna has brought a welcome sense of homeliness to our co-working space – tending to the plants, arranging the kitchen, chilling while sprawled on one of the sofas.

Since our shoot Jonna has taken the brave step of having just one Instagram account, integrating work and life (as if the two are ever really separate), which to me is a sign of confidence. Showing who we really are in our professional lives, including our vulnerabilities, is so important to bring more humanity to the world of work, and I wish Jonna luck on her journey in this direction!

Here are some kind words from Jonna about the experience of working together:

I'd been wanting to update my professional photos for quite some time and saw the photos on the site and thought, "I want to look like that."
I really enjoyed working with Sarah. Expectations were discussed and clearly stated together early on to avoid confusion; Sarah listened carefully to my concerns and took seriously my needs and hopes making sure I felt comfortable.
The photoshoot was fun and efficient. I received continuous guidance and much needed reassurance from start to end. Finally, the photos were delivered way before deadline and I was amazed by the quality of the photos. I'm so glad we did this!

Here's where to find Jonna:

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