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Rotterdam personal branding photoshoot with strength and rehabilitation coach Siobhan Milner

This was certainly a physical shoot in many senses. Siobhan Milner is an experienced exercise scientist and strength and conditioning coach. She works with everyone from Olympians, to patients with low back pain, to professional dancers, to individuals with cancer and chronic lung diseases.

So, it made perfect sense for us to hit the gym and capture her training some of her clients. And I certainly had to duck and dive to get them in action, probably needing a good rehabilitation session (or at least a good old stretch) to recover afterwards.

One of the things I loved about Siobhan's intention for this shoot was for her to create a set of photos looking strong and capable, and to provide an antidote to feeling like an imposter in a male-dominated and macho industry - the world of strength and fitness.

Big thanks to Trainbox in Rhoon for giving us such a warm welcome and free reign of the space all afternoon.

Here's where to find Siobhan:

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