• Sarah Tulej

Trying out headshots for the first time

I know so many people who have 'getting my photo' taken on their to do list. But somehow we never get round to it, and make do with the photo our partner took of us against a white wall six years ago.

If you fall into that category you are definitely not alone. That's why I hold headshot taster days for people who want to get some professional photos to update their online profiles for a very affordable price, and in super quick time.

Here's what Rivka had to say after her headshot taster session back in March:

"I am in awe. I did not expect the photos to turn out this good. I felt my confidence and feelings of self worth growing when I look at these pictures. So even if I were to never use them anywhere (which would be silly obviously), I could just look at them on a bad day to feel good about myself again. I just love how Sarah really captured ME. I feel like this is the real me and not some mask I'm wearing to look good. Love it, truly love it. Funnily enough I also feel more confident now to really take my business more seriously and work harder to set that up, start a newsletter, make a content calendar, sort out my testimonials and what I am offering, and finally make a proper website because these pictures need to be seen!"

All that in 20 minutes!

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