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Five reasons to invest in Rotterdam professional photography

Updated: Feb 6

…if you’re a camera-shy freelancer, founder, coach, consultant, writer, designer, and on and on and on…*

Wil je de Nederlandse versie lezen? Klik hier.

Professional business image of woman with short brown hair walking and holding phone at Rotterdam Katendrecht

*Also known as: why it’s time to ditch the awkward profile photo you made your partner take in 2018!

This article sets out five important reasons why professional photography in Rotterdam can be such a valuable tool for all you small business owners, freelancers and changemakers. It builds trust with your audience, demonstrates the value of you and your services, AND it can really boost your confidence.

1. People connect with people

So show us your face! Your customers, clients or collaborators are interested in the person behind the business (you). They’re thinking – could I work with this person?


They’re also curious about who you are. People really enjoy taking a peek at your life and how you run your business, so they can envisage what you’re like to work with. Authentic and realistic images are very effective in conveying this.

Let’s face it – most of us don’t take the time to read a long About page on someone’s website...

Blonde women with pink shirt holding coffee in front of industrial buildings

2. Your website and social profiles are your ‘shop front’

So make them reflect what you're like in real life. Give them a spring clean. On-brand professional photography positions you as someone trustworthy and experienced in the mind of your audience.


This encourages confidence and trust among your potential clients or collaborators – particularly if you offer a higher value service or are in a competitive market. It shows you as someone who is has really invested in their business and their services.

3. YOU are the secret sauce of your business

The thing that sets you apart from all the other coaches, consultants, designers and so on is…you!

Your personality. Your values. Your experience.

Professional photography is a shortcut to communicating all of this with your audience, so they connect with you on a deeper level.

Close up of white woman's hands adding ingredients to small cakes

There are SO many ways you can show this beyond a standard head and shoulders portrait, such as:


  • Showing your working environment: your home office, your co-working space, your kitchen table

  • The colours you wear, your jewellery, tattoos all say something about you and what you’re like

  • The objects you have around you: your favourite books, houseplants, pencils or – in my case – piles of notes on scrap paper (!)

  • What you look like ‘in action’:  whether that’s hosting a meeting, creating a design or having a mid-morning dance break. 


The list goes on. And, if you like these ideas, you might enjoy my free guide: 13 Simple Ways to Use Brand Photos to Grow Your Visibility.

Woman with dark brown long hair laughing as she shows the tattoos on her arms

4. Professsional photography is essential for your media toolkit

Having a media toolkit is essential to be able to talk to credibly talk to media, event organisers, brand partners, sponsorship or collaborators.

On-brand images are one of the most important elements of this toolkit, along with a strong biography. When it comes to promoting what you do, you can use your images for:

  • Being a guest panellist at a conference

  • Award entries

  • Guest posts

  • Podcast promotion

  • Pitches & proposals


No more wasted time hunting through your phone for a decent image to use. Phew.

Three white women in front of lake and trees wearing clothing coloured red, white and black

5. Rotterdam professional photography can be a truly confidence-building experience


Very few of my clients arrive at their photoshoot full of confidence. Most of them feel pretty nervous and self-conscious. Perhaps questioning why on earth they got themselves into this situation!


But they all go away feeling uplifted, with a boost to their self-worth and excited to see their images.


Because my top priority is helping people to have a supportive and relaxed experience. I give lots of encouragement throughout the entire shoot, I give posing advice. I take the time to get to know you even before we start photographing and throughout the photoshoot. I ask you what aspects of your personality you want to show. I ask whether you have any insecurities you want me to be aware of, and if there is anything I can do to make the shoot feel more supportive.


Because taking confident, relaxed photos depends on us creating a safe, supportive and positive environment for the duration of our time together.

So, there you have it, five reasons to invest in Rotterdam professional photography to support your independent business. Personality-packed photography is so crucial in building trust and showing the value of your offer. And it can give you the confidence boost to take your visibility to the next level.


Curious about getting your own personality-packed photos?

I am here to answer any questions you have whatsoever. Click here to send me a message.


You might also be interested in my Rotterdam headshot days, the most affordable way to work with me. Here's all the info and a link to join the waiting list.


Not for a photoshoot yet but want to keep in touch? Why not join my email list and get my free visibility guide as a thank you.


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