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16 & 22 MAY 2023


To book a slot in Amsterdam
on 16 May click below:

To book a slot in Rotterdam
on 22 May click below:


I am in awe. I did not expect the photos to turn out this good. I just love how Sarah really captured ME. I feel like this is the real me and not some mask I'm wearing to look good. Love it, truly love it.



Wouldn't it be great to have some gorgeous, natural portraits in less time than it takes to eat your lunch?


You're in the right place! Here's where you can sign up to receive info about my headshot taster sessions in Amsterdam (16 May) and Rotterdam (22 May) this year.


If you're like most of my clients you know how important it is to stand out and connect with clients and collaborators. But, getting professional portraits for your socials and website keeps dropping off the to-do list.

A taster session is perfect for you if:​

  • Are in the start up phase of your business and want to try out brand photography for a smaller investment

  • Need a seasonal top up of your portraits


  • Just need a few photos to refresh your social profiles


€135 + BTW for the shoot which includes 2 photos (with the option to purchase more). Waiting list members will have the chance to book at a special, early bird price of €115 + BTW.

Headshot of blonde women in red jumper and brown coat in Amsterdam

Never had professional photos taken? Dread the idea? Sarah is the person for you. She spends time getting to know you and helping define what you need from your photos. On the day she immediately puts you at ease and at the end of it you get photos that feel just like you...on a really good day.



How many photos will I receive?

You get two photos as part of the package. You will receive a gallery with approximately 12 photos from which you select the ones you want to keep. And you have the option to upgrade to the whole gallery for €195 + BTW.


Not sure whether this is enough? Check out my article on whether to go for a personal branding or a headshot shoot.

How long is the session?

The session is 20 minutes long, which is enough time to get a good variety of shots. Please arrive at least five minutes beforehand so we don't lose any shooting time.

What if the weather is bad?

It can be cloudy and even a bit rainy and we can still go ahead and get great photos. If the weather is truly terrible I will either try to reschedule your shoot or give you a full refund if it is not possible to reschedule.

What should I wear?

My usual answer to this is, you do you! Think about how you would like to appear on your website / socials. Try to dress not overly summery or wintery so the photo will look relevant all year round. I think block colours work well but black can look a bit flat in photos. If you're unsure, take some mirror selfies and ask a pal their opinion.

What is the location like?

I have chosen locations where we can use a range of backgrounds, so that there is some variety for you to choose from. It's not too busy with people either, meaning we shouldn't have many passers-by watching the shoot!

What if I'm camera shy / hate posing?

You are definitely not alone. Most people aren't used to having their photo taken but that doesn't matter at all. I will guide you when it comes to posing and expressions and give you lots of encouragement. The vibe will be fun and relaxed and you might even enjoy yourself!

Got any more questions?

You can ask me absolutely anything. Just click here to get in touch and I'll answer your question as soon as I possibly can.


These photos were taken in a range of locations in the Netherlands and UK and are to show you the style of photos I take, rather than the exact setting you will be photographed in.

Why is there a waiting list?

The waiting list is so I can gauge levels of interest before the taster sessions open for booking on 5 May 2023. It is also a way for people on the waiting list to get priority booking and access a special, early bird price available within the first 48 hours of booking opening. Being on the waiting list does NOT mean you have any obligation to book a taster session.

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