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Delft photoshoot with Karla Liddle White

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

My first photoshoot in Delft, and in fact my first ever trip to this stunning wee town outside Rotterdam was not to be missed! I met up with fellow Brit, Karla who, alongside her photoshoot, showed me around the place, one cute canal after another.

Karla booked me as she developed the brand for a new media platform called Verso, which shares articles and opinions, ideas-focused videos and engaging conversations by and for women.

Karla started a podcast in 2020 while on parental leave. She interviewed women about their achievements, challenges and experiences, from entrepreneurs to modern-day adventurers. Since then she has rebranded, changed direction slightly and turned it into the soon-to-go-live content platform, Verso.

In about an hour, we captured her podcasting, writing, and relaxing around the city and we are both pretty chuffed with how it turned out.

Here's where to find Karla:

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