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Rotterdam professional photoshoot with sustainability facilitator Charlotte Sewell

Whenever I go back to London to catch up with friends and family I love to fit in a brand photoshoot. People often ask me when I'll be back (turns out it's a lot easier being a photographer in a city where you know a tonne of people. Rotterdam - I'm working on you).

In this case it was Charlotte Sewell, someone I became pals with over Zoom in lockdown when we were chatting about sustainability and anti-racism and the role we could play in it all.

Charlotte is a typical client of mine in that she is extremely charismatic and sociable but not very visible online.

She is a brilliant facilitator and coach working with all sorts of interesting people and companies in the sustainability space, and worked for a while at posh ready meal company Cook Foods . She’s involved in the B Corps movement and was one of the authors of one of their reports all about how businesses can put climate justice at the centre of their environmental projects.

Our shoot together was the first time we’d ever met IRL, and it was just as energising as I had hoped.

We tramped all over East London (Dalston and London Fields), spoilt for choice when it came to intriguing backgrounds and good old industrial grit.

Charlotte wanted to put across all the many strings to her bow in her photos. From facilitating workshops, to coaching people one-on-one, giving talks and injecting her lively and passionate personality into all of it.

If you’re a passionate freelancer or business owner looking to give your visibility a boost? I’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with me right here.

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